About Us

Back in the day (1998) Joff Bird and Annie Carter met on the ski slopes in French Alps.  A few years later, Annie was working at the National Portrait Gallery in London and Joff was doing up houses in Bristol, the first plan was hatched to change careers and set up a food business in Salisbury.  


With a mutual passion for food and needing any excuse to get out of the jobs we were in, Bird & Carter Deli opened in Salisbury in 2006.  A Vegas wedding and two children later, Bird & Carter Farm Shop opened in 2011.  We took all the experience we gained from the deli in Salisbury, which we sold in 2013, to make this farm shop, café and catering business a real success.  And now our sister business Bird & Carter Fonthill opened in March 2020.  This café has the same feel as the Farm Shop and to boot has a beautiful river garden within the Fonthill estate.  The bed and breakfast will follow.

Bird & Carter is all about delicious food, and a personal and smiley service.  We hope you enjoy visiting.